Other Practitioners/Services

Innovation Therapies has other amazing practitioners that are seeing clients from our centre in Ballarat. Please book directly with these practitioners.

Enhancing lives with Donna Jenkins.

Donna Jenkins – Enhancing Lives

Donna Jenkins - Enhancing Lives

Donna is a Spiritual Intuitive with a practical approach to helping people find themselves again. Her purpose and joy is helping empower people. She has had amazing success supporting a diverse range of clients.

To book a session with Donna, please call or text: 0412 703 492

You can follow Donna on Facebook: EnhancingLives

To the Centre with Margy Flavell

Margy Flavell – To The Centre

Margy offers a range of therapies to support your physical and emotional wellbeing, including massage, hot stone massage, crystal light bed, hypnotherapy. Margy also facilitates group meditation sessions.

To book a session with Margy, please call or text: 0458 347 459 or email infotothecentre@gmail.com

You can follow Margy on Facebook: ToTheCentre