Therapy Services

Innovation Therapy may aid with the following:

  • Spinal problems and cranial/sacral imbalances without manipulations
  • May help to eliminate lingering viralbacterial and fungal infections
  • Muscle tightness and weakness
  • May assist to systematically improve the functions of the liverpancreaskidneys and all other organs and glands
  • Helps the body optimize its immune system function, with positive results
  • Aims to provide a range of soft tissue therapies to address pain and discomfort and improve body movement
  • May improve emotional wellbeing
  • Aims to assist in children with learning difficulties
  • And much more………

Innovative Therapies

Innovation Therapy offers a combination of innovative therapies to help you feel better, including:

Equine Therapy Services (for Horses)

Innovation Equine Therapy incorporates the complementary health processes of N.I.S. (Neurological Integration System), EMMETT, Physiokey and Bowen Therapy to help aid with physical, emotional, mental and behavioral issues of horses.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that the above modalities are not a substitute for, but rather are process that can support and work in conjunction with  medical treatments as appropriate. Please consult you medical provider first regarding any injury, illness or medical emergency.