Neurological Integration System (NIS)

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What is Neurological Integration System (NIS)?

Neurological Integration System (NIS) is based on neurophysiology principle that the brain controls the functions of all the body’s systems. When we exceed out individual tolerance to stress (structural, physical, hormonal, emotional etc.) the signalling between the brain and body become disconnected or confused and this can lead to a number of symptoms. NIS address the cause of a condition, not the symptom.

What happens during an NIS treatment?

During a NIS treatment the practitioner uses a serious of specific protocols that guides the brain to re-establish cell connections or “reconnect” the brain to the cells in question. The practitioner uses muscle testing to evaluate the status of each body system and integrates the treatment with gentle tapping. NIS is completely non invasive and does not use and equipment. NIS can be preformed on newborn babies right through to the elderly.

When a disconnected signal is identified we use a method called integration and ‘tap’ a very specific area of the cranium so that the brain is able to restore the signal.

Once this happens and communication resumes, the neurology (brain) is able to begin returning your physiology (body) back to its optimum function. In turn, the symptom/s you are experiencing will begin to resolve.

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Disclaimer: It is important to note that the above modalities are not a substitute for, but rather are process that can support and work in conjunction with  medical treatments as appropriate. Please consult you medical provider first regarding any injury, illness or medical emergency.