Innovative Therapies to Support Your Health
Innovative therapies to support your health
Innovative therapies to support your health


Providing Innovative Therapies to Support Your Health

Innovation Therapy provides healthcare based on the principle that the brain governs optimum function of all body systems through its neurological circuit. Neuromuscular therapy and other soft tissue modalities address pain and discomfort, improve body movement & overall wellbeing.

Founded by Paramedic and Nurse, Caroline Carr, who has trained in cutting edge techniques to achieve positive health outcomes for individuals and horses.

Improving Your Body’s Functioning

Innovation Therapy offers healthcare based on the principle that the brain governs optimum function of all body systems through its neurological circuit.

Muscle testing is used to identify the “break down” causing your symptoms. Once the signal breakdowns have been found, they can be corrected by making the brain aware of them through a process known as “integration”.

Electrical and chemical signals go back and forth between your brain and the body. These signals can “break down” due to stress from infection, trauma, emotions, toxins, injury, viruses etc. Symptoms (i.e. back pain, headaches, sleeping issues, learning problems etc.) will arise due to the signal “break down”.

This begins a cascade of neurological events which result in the restoration of normal signalling and therefore no more symptoms and optimal health.

How can Innovation Therapy Help You?

Innovation Therapy may aid with the following:

  • Spinal problems and cranial/sacral imbalances without manipulations
  • May help to eliminate lingering viral, bacterial and fungal infections
  • Muscle tightness and weakness
  • May assist to systematically improve the functions of the liver, pancreas, kidneys and all other organs and glands
  • Helps the body optimize its immune system function, with positive results
  • Aims to provide a range of soft tissue therapies to address pain and discomfort and improve body movement
  • May improve emotional wellbeing
  • Aims to assist in children with learning difficulties
  • And much more………

Body Treatments

Innovation Therapy now has some great body treatments to help you feel better.

  • Cocoon Wellness Pro Sauna Therapy emits full spectrum FAR, MID and NEAR infrared light. This provides you with a unique, triple-action detox!
  • Shrinking Violet Body Wraps to help with cellulite and fat reduction.
  • PEMF which stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy and is a form of energy therapy that emits pulsating electromagnetic fields based on the earth’s natural state.

Equine Therapy

In addition to working with humans, Caroline Carr works with horses providing specialised Equine Therapy.

Innovation Equine Therapy incorporates the complementary health processes of N.I.S. (Neurological Integration System), EMMETT, Physiokey and Bowen Therapy to help aid with physical, emotional, mental and behavioral issues of horses.

Our Location & Contact

Innovation Therapy Ballarat

115 Smythes Rd, Delacombe (Ballarat)

Phone: 0438 661 006


We can also be contacted via Facebook and Instagram.

Caroline has treated my family over the past few months. I would highly recommend her. Treatments are pain free and results have been excellent treating a range of different ailments.

Pain Free

Fantastic experience for myself and my horses. Immediate relief and improvement range of movement, walk out feeling so grounded, level and free of tension. Horses feel the same after a treatment, step out more freely and are noticeably happier. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Fantastic Experience