Innovation Equine Therapy incorporates the complementary health processes of N.I.S. (Neurological Integration System), EMMETT, Physiokey and Bowen Therapy to help aid with physical, emotional, mental and behavioral issues of horses.

How does Innovation Equine Therapy work?

The brain is the ultimate computer. It holds a blueprint of how the body should be and knows everything that has ever happened to the body. Good equine health can be promoted so long as the pathways by which the brain communicates with all other parts of the body remain clear. Temperament and behavior problems dissipate when the body is relieved of pain or stress.

N.I.S incorporates muscle testing to check the systems of the body at specific neurological pathways and anatomical points.

A strong muscle test indicates all is okay with the analysis.

A weak muscle response indicates a breakdown in the neurological circuitry and that a correction is needed.

Cranial stimulation (tapping over a certain portion of the brain) while holding the point that elicited the specific weak muscle test initiates a reintegration of the brain and body working together to correct the imbalance.

Essentially, this is a customized health check and treatment protocol each time, rather than a building up or unwinding or adjustment process that needs to occur.

EMMETT is a soft, light touch therapy that enables the brain to switch on the neuromuscular response allowing the pathway to re-establish connection. EMMETT therapy is unique approach to bodywork that is gentle, safe and very effective.

Here are some examples of issues our Equine Therapy can address:

  • Pain
  • Tension and discomfort
  • Restriction in movement
  • Unbalance or high head carriage
  • Saddle soreness or girth issues
  • Poor performance/behaviour changes

Here are some examples of how our Equine Therapy can be used for Performance Enhancement:

  • Improve length of stride
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • Reduce recover times

Here are some examples of how our Equine Therapy can be used for Maintenance:

  • Maintenance
  • Keeping muscles flexible and pliable
  • Competition preparation and recovery

Book an Equine Therapy Session Now!

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What to Expect during a treatment?

Innovation Equine Therapy is very gentle and unique.

A session usually takes around 30 mins and if it is your horse’s first treatment, it is recommended they have the following day off.

It is expected to see some small changes with 3-5 days as the neurological pathways begin to correct.

Depending on the horse, it is recommended for follow up treatments within two weeks, and maintenance sessions every 1 to 3 months, depending on the situation.

Caroline will discuss this with you during a treatment.

A treatment with Innovation Equine Therapy is $80 per horse, travel outside of Ballarat area can be arranged but travel cost will be added.

It is important to note that the above modalities are not a substitute for, but rather are processes that can support and work in conjunction with, veterinarian treatments as appropriate. Please consult with your veterinarian first regarding any injury, illness or veterinary emergency.